Patient’s Charter



RECOGNISING that the highest traditions of health care mandate mutual trust and respect between the provider of health care and the patient.


RECOGNISING that the meaningful partnership between the provider of health care & a patient requires that the patient participates actively in decisions relating to the patient’s health.


RECOGNISING that a patient must assume not only rights but also responsibilities.


RECOGNISING that this Charter advocates universal ideals and standards of health care, which the government, the providers of healthcare and the public should strive to achieve.


RECOGNISING that this Charter is an educational document embodying the Code of Medical Ethics.




Dr. Goh Kok Yeong
Chief Operating Officer
Revised Date: 15th January 2024

The Rights of Patients

  1. Every individual shall have the right to prompt emergency first –aid treatment at our facilities.
  2. Every patient will be treated with strict regard to decency.
  3. Every patient will be treated with care, consideration, impartiality, respect and dignity.
  4. Every individual will have the right to privacy during interview, examination and treatment by our medical staff.
  5. Patients will be chaperoned during any physical examination or treatment.
  6. Children admitted to hospital shall have the right, whenever possible, to have one of their parents or guardians, to be with them at all times.
  7. A patient shall have the right to choose their own consultant whenever possible.
  8. A patient shall have the right to a second opinion on request.
  9. A patient will have the right to information about his /her condition, his/ her investigations, and the results of the investigations and have them explained.
  10. A patient would be provided with information on the likely costs of the treatment, investigation, or procedure.
  11. A patient who has received adequate information about his/her condition shall have the right to accept or refuse treatment.
  12. A patient shall have the right to clear, concise explanation, in common terms, of any proposed treatment or procedure and its alternatives. Information shall incorporate possible, risks side effects, after effects and possible failures.
  13. A patient’s informed consent shall be obtained before any procedures carried out. In case of a minor, consent shall be obtained from parents or legal guardian.
  14. All information shall be treated as confidential and not discussed with personnel other than those professionally involves.
  15. A patient has the right to expect safe, efficient and prompt nursing care while in our facility.
  16. A patient has the right to have his/her grievances heard.
  17. A patient and his /her relatives shall be given relevant advice, counseling and education about self care, drug administration including possible side effects and precautions while in hospital and before discharge.
  18. A patient has right to safe and conducive environment in our facilities.
  19. A patient shall have a categorized bill on discharge and an explanation if required.
  20. A patient would be provided with medical report within reasonable time frame upon request by patient and upon payment of fee.



The Responsibilities of Patients

In ensuring our patients receive the best possible health care service at our hospital, in return for receiving medical care and attention, the patient is  expected  do their best to meet the following responsibilities during their stay at the hospital or during their visit at the clinic.


  1. Cooperate with healthcare provider to manage his/her health.
  2. Provide complete and accurate information about his/her health which the healthcare provider may require, so as to assist accurate medical intervention shall include simultaneous consultations (if any) with other healthcare professionals or provider of traditional medicine.
  3. Ensure that he/she understands the procedures and explanations given by the doctor.
  4. Accept all the consequences of the decisions made by themselves on their appointed nominees.
  5. Accept the responsibility of setting all coast incurred promptly.
  6. Not to misuse healthcare facilities.
  7. Conduct himself /herself so as not to interfere with the well being and rights of fellow patients.
  8. Accept preventive measures sanctioned by the Laws of Malaysia