Customer Service

Patient Services Overview

At Island Hospital, our patients are of paramount importance and are served by a team of over a thousand staff and over 80 full-time dedicated specialists across 9 Centres of Excellence.


The hospital offers a wide range of treatment services that are supported by medical equipment and technology, including the Mammomat Revelation 3D Mammography, Siemens Somatom Drive Dual Source CT Scanner, Siemens HD 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography, 3 Tesla MRI, Fibroscan for liver diagnosis, 3D Laparoscopic Surgery, Anti-Gravity Treadmill, and a Laboratory & Pathology Centre.


The hospital is also a digitally-focused hospital with its medical records being fully converted into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, integrating fully with its online appointment making system.

Language and Culture

The team at Island Hospital has a diverse population in ethnicity, cultural and religious backgrounds.


To ease communication between caregivers and patients, our sta is well-versed in the following languages and dialects.

• English
• Bahasa Melayu
• Mandarin
• Bahasa Indonesia
• Hokkien
• Cantonese
• Hakka
• Tamil
• Teochew

Where to seek assistance

At the hospital, feel free to approach any of our friendly Customer Service personnels at the Patient Service counters (Macalister Wing and Peel Wing ) located at the Lobby or at the International Patient Service office at the Ground Floor for assistance.


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