International Patient Services

Information and appointment +604 2383 388
24-hour Emergency Hotline +604 2268 527


Toll-free in Malaysia 1300 880 788

Toll-free in Indonesia 007 803 601 5248



Visa Extension

The current regulations in Malaysia does not allow for travellers to extend their medical visas. However there is an option to reapply for a new visa.


Medical tourist are required to apply for the “eVISA for Medical” that is issued through an electronic/online eVISA platform. The validity of the eVISA is 3 months. The duration of stay allowed varies from country to country as well as the fees. Click here for more information.


If you require clarification for the reapplication process, feel free to contact us.

Flight Arrangement

Find details of flights to and from Penang, here. We recommend patients or their caretakers to ensure all flight details are prepared prior to the trip.

Transportation Options

When you have arrived at Penang International Airport, some options of transportation that you may take are

  • Your pre-booked Island Hospital Airport Pickup Service
  • Taxi
  • E-Hailing (Grab, MULA)
  • Rental car services
  • Rapid Penang (Bus)

Doctor’s Referral And Appointment

With the desire to reduce the time spent making appointments and the potential cost associated with international calls Island Hospital has the online appointment portal where international patients can make appointments efficiently.


Our doctors are also well connected with healthcare providers around the nation and can provide referrals to other physicians. Referrals to healthcare providers in your nation is also possible. We prioritise you receive the best care that is accessible to you.

Advise on Cost Estimation

A patient’s medical costs can easily add up. The actual cost of each service or procedure depends on several factors, including what type of care or treatment you receive, duration of treatment, travel fees and so on. A patient’s out-of-pocket expenses will vary depending insurance coverage. Our team can help you work out an estimation to ease the load of planning a medical trip.