Spine Centre


Spine Centre

The Spine Centre prioritises your safety while handling all aspects of spine and spine-related conditions.

The Spine Centre continues to build on its legacy since its inception in 2006. As a regional centre of referral and of academic research, it holds on to several operating tenets:


  • Timely diagnosis of back problems
  • Assigning treatment commensurate with the severity of the condition
  • Maintaining patients’ safety throughout
  • Managing and fulfilling patients’ expectations


Delivering appropriate spine treatment, prioritising patient safety.

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Our doctors would approach your back problem by understanding how it impacts your life and comfort. Conditions in our scope include:


– Back Pain

– Sciatica

– Fractures

– Deformities

– Paralysis

– Degenerative Spine

– Infections

– Tumours


A meaningful dialogue and discussion are important to help patients and family members understand the nature of their conditions. Medical terms and concepts must be demystified and deconstructed for easy understanding. Multiple sessions may be necessary. Our doctors would assist in enabling the patient to decide on the option of treatment within the viable capabilities of evidential medical practice.


Should lifestyle changes, medications or physical rehabilitation be incapable of rendering effective treatment, then various forms of surgical interventions may be employed


  • Pain temporising via injections or radiofrequency modulation may sometimes offer relief
  • Minimally invasive surgery like percutaneous endoscopic discectomylaser discectomy and microscopy-assisted MIS-TLIF are reliable techniques
  • Minimally invasive surgery for fracture-stabilising VBSTM(vertebral body stenting) and minimal access surgery like MIDLFTM (midline lumbar fusion) are widely employed, both of which our Centre is a regional pioneer of
  • Spine decompression and instrumented fusion, when required, are performed using pedicle screws, cages and rods
  • Artificial disc replacement may be preferred to conventional fusion in selected cases
  • Interspinous spacers and mobility preserving devices are helpful to maintain flexibility in certain conditions
  • Duroplasty may be required to secure nerve membrane integrity
  • Intraoperative (electrophysiological) neuromonitoring is used to maintain safety during certain spine surgeries

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Together, the doctors of the Spine Centre have more than 65 years of medical experience to offer our patients.


We value the inclusion of related disciplines by harnessing the skill sets of our colleagues across specialties in all stages of our treatment and interaction.


Where possible, we employ minimally invasive spine techniques to achieve treatment goals. When required, complex surgeries are undertaken with the backing of surgical experience and modern equipment.


To maintain its standing in the region, the Spine Centre is consistently upgrading its equipment and techniques. Our doctors maintain a continual presence in regional and international peer-validated fellowship while having constant ties with relevant academic institutions and faculties.

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