Infectious Diseases


Infectious Diseases

Prevention is the best way to keep away from contagious diseases. Learn how to keep yourself safe with our infectious diseases specialist.

Infections can happen at any given time when the bacteria are given the right conditions to develop into diseases, with uncontrolled infections being the one situation you would want to avoid. Knowing how to prevent infections is just as important as knowing how to treat them.


Generally, all doctors are equipped with the knowledge of managing and treating infections to not only cure but also prevent the likelihood of another infection. However, having an infectious disease specialist on board can provide valuable insight especially when:


  • Screening, counselling or treatment of HIV is required
  • There is difficulty identifying a microorganism or organ involved in the infection
  • Trying to identify the source of an infection
  • Investigating a potentially life-threatening or rare infection
  • Preventing or curing hospital acquired infections
  • Travel medicine (pre-travel vaccinations, medicine for international or local travels, post-travel consultation and care)


At Island Hospital, our specialists and team are dedicated to minimize the risk of infections and help patients walk out infection-free. Our infectious diseases specialist may serve as your primary care doctor, but will often work alongside other doctors to provide diagnosis and treatment for you.


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