Heart Centre

Heart Centre

The Island Hospital Heart Centre provides comprehensive cardiovascular care under a single roof, ranging from heart disease prevention, diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation.

The Island Hospital Heart Centre is different in our region. It encompasses the full range of cardiac services – heart disease prevention, diagnosis, intervention, and rehabilitation with an experienced and talented team of heart care specialists for adult and children. The centre has a fully integrated cardiovascular unit providing complete Cardiovascular Care under a single roof. It is a model of healthcare effciency and optimised patient care from early disease detection to complex interventions, to help thousands of heart patients lead longer and healthier lives.

Our highly skilled physicians take a comprehensive approach to treating patients through physical examinations and thorough testing. It offers the most comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cardiac care services to adults and children with congenital heart defects, rhythm disturbances, heart failure and other cardiac-related problems.


Our highly skilled cardiologists are committed to the mission of treating those suffering from cardiovascular disease like disorders of the heart, aorta and blood vessels, using state-of-the-art technology, including minimally invasive techniques.

At Island Hospital’s Heart Centre, we offer you a full range of services including:


  • Exceptionally modern cardiovascular technology and treatment
  • Invasive, non-invasive and interventional procedures
  • Cardiac catheterisation lab

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