Here are some of what our patients (even the little ones) are saying about us.

From Slipping Away to Living Life to the Fullest - I am a man living on borrowed time with a fantastic life quality, thanks to Prof. TJ Wong. In 1999, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and liver cancer and all the doctors in Kuala Lumpur told me that I have only 6 months to live and, even with operation, 1 year. A death sentence to me – an active person. I was devastated. My paths crossed with a matron one day in a hospital in Penang and she advised, “You should see Prof TJ Wong in Island Hospital and if he can’t save me, no one can.” As a man desperate for a life-line, I flew to see Prof TJ Wong. He told me frankly that 30% of the treatment work would come from him but the rest would depend on my body and attitude. We proceeded with the operation. After my operation and chemotherapy, the half of my liver that was removed grew back to even larger than the original size and my appetite regained to normal. I can go back to work and activities which I love. It is already 2016 now, and I am still alive and healthy. This life, I live to my fullest, grateful and rejuvenated.
From: Vijay, 58 years old
The cleanliness in Island Hospital is well taken care of. Information is computerised, so when patients come for medical check-up or consultation, it is carried out very smoothly. The front entrance of Island Hospital is like a Hotel.
From: Eiko Tahara
My name is Trum Johan. I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was a patient of Island Hospital since 2013. I do not have much to tell, in a word to me, I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Sritharan at Island Hospital, Penang, Malaysia because this doctor is patience and responsible and always explain clearly to my questions and I guess the doctor's understanding. I have been treated by him not only as patients but also as a friend. That's what I can say about this doctor. Hospital services is also great, I had two operations here, I always feel calm with the service here, nurses are nice and patience. That's all I can say. Thanks.
From: Trum Johan
My name is Maria Meilani Lestari. I'm from Semarang Central Java Indonesia. My son is a patient of Dr. Hwang Yee Chern. Before here he was often sick and coughs and colds for a long period of time, the body is also skinny. After that, on the recommendation of my sister, I bring him to Island Hospital, Penang, Malaysia, to receive treatment from Dr. Hwang. After few treatments, his condition improved, he is healthy and his weight is also growing. I like the treatment from Island Hospital. Prices are affordable for perceived medical health care services quality.
From: Maria Meilani
No hesitation for me if I were to have the most serious of surgeries performed such as Deep Brain Stimulation surgery) at Island Hospital, I am impressed with the quality, efficiency, cleanliness, ethnics, technology, friendliness and professionalism of the entire organization.
From: Khoo Boon Ean
Island Hospital is a place where I feel in confidence. People are efficient and doctors are trustworthy. I have the feeling that the doctors take the good decision at the right time. I delivered my third child in Island Hospital and I had to go through emergency Caesarian section. I am grateful to the doctors who did their job with dedication, patience and above all with professionalism. Even though we sometimes have to wait a bit, it is always worth it since we have right diagnostics and good advice.

I surely recommend this hospital to the families who seek good healthcare services.
From: Anne Jary
For Medical Care, the first name that flashes out from my mind is Island Hospital. Team of Professional doctors coupled with great nursing care to make recovery speedy and fast. Best of the best name in medical care.
From: Julie Lee
Nama saya Maria Meiliani Lestari. Saya dari Semarang Central Java Indonesia. Anak saya adalah pasien Dr Hwang Yee Chern. Sebelum kemari dia sering sakit dan batuk dan flu tidak kunjung sembuh, lalu badannya juga kurus sekali, kemudian atas rekomendasi kakak saya, saya bawa dia kemari ke Island Hospital, Penang, Malaysia , untuk mendapatkan treatment dari Dr Hwang , setelah beberapa kali treatment, kemudian kondisinya membaik, dia sehat lalu dia juga cukup gemuk tumbuh badannya. Saya suka dengan treatment rumah sakit ini, Island Hospital ya. Harga yang di berikan juga cukup layak untuk kesehatan yang didapat anak saya.
From: Maria Meilani
Nama saya Trum Johan. Saya dari Jakarta Indonesia. Saya adalah pasien Island Hospital sejak tahun 2013.

Saya tidak banyak bercerita, singkat kata saya, katakan saya sangat beruntung bertemu Dr Sritharan di Island Hospital, Penang, Malaysia karena dokter ini sabar dan penuh bertanggung jawab dan selalu memberikan penjelasan sejelas-jelasnya atas pertanyaan saya dan saya kira dokter ini penuh pengertian, saya di perlakukan tidak hanya sebagai pasien tapi juga seperti seorang sahabat. Itu yang saya bisa katakan tentang dokter ini. Pelayanan rumah sakit ini juga bagus, saya mengalami dua kali operasi di sini, saya selalu merasa tenang servisnya, nursesnya bagus sekali, sabar semua. Itu saja yang bisa saya katakan. Terima Kasih.
From: Trum Johan
Saya ingin memberi setinggi penghargaan kepada semua kakitangan Hospital Island; doktor dan jururawat yang telah memberi layanan yang terbaik buat anak saya. Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan keperihatinan doktor serta jururawat terhadap keadaan anak saya dimana mereka sangat professional, mesra dan bertanggungjawab. Keadaan fasiliti yang bersih, selesa serta makanan yang disediakan oleh pihak hospital juga tidak mengecewakan. Saya akan mengesyorkan Hospital Island kepada semua rakan-rakan dan keluarga saya!
From: Juliana Binti Azmi
アイランド病院はいつもきれいに掃除がされている。 清潔に気をつかっています。 情報は電子化されているので、 検査や問診の際にも、とてもスムーズです。 病院の入口は、まるでホテルのようです。
From: Eiko Tahara

From our little ones