Men’s Health

The urinary and reproductive system is a highly delicate part of the human body and requires highly skilled surgeons to manage it. Every patient’s symptoms are carefully assessed with individual treatment plans specially designed to speed up recovery.

Our specialists evaluate, diagnose and treat all acute and chronic adult and adolescent urological conditions with non-invasive and minimally invasive approaches. We provide expert advice, diagnosis and treatment for men with Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, erectile dysfunction (ED)/impotence or prostate health concerns and health problems. Our team of doctors specialize in andrology, urology and men’s sexual and general health.

Dr. S.Sritharan

Specialty :
Subspecialty :
Laparoscopic Surgery, Renal Transplant, Urethroplasty, Urology Cancer Surgery
  • Renal Transplant
  • Urology Cancer Surgery
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Urethroplasty and treatments
  • Stone Work and Endourology
  • Prostate
  • Male and Female lower urinary tract syndrome
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