(SurePath™ Liquid Based Pap Test)

The Pap test is important for women’s health especially in the screening of Cervical cancer.

When compared to the traditional Pap smear tests, the SurePath™ liquid-based method proves to be far more efficient and favoured because of multiple reasons. Primarily, this method statistically provides a significantly greater detection rate.

Furthermore, this method also helps relieve stress from worry as results can be obtained in less than 4 hours when traditional methods can take up to 3 days.

Tests are done by our Medical Officer.

*Separate consultation fees will apply if a Consultant Gynaecologist is chosen to perform the test.


One of the most accepted and proven available methods for detecting breast cancer is
the Mammogram. While it doesn’t prevent breast cancer, the Mammogram can help save
lives by detecting the cancer early. And early detection and treatment saves lives.

Although there are two other options in the form of the Breast Ultrasound and the Breast
MRI, the mammogram is still favoured due to its results and relatively cheaper costs.